Groundwork & Lake Building

Fishing Lake Excavation.

One of the more unusual and very specialised projects that we have a great deal of experience in is the planning and excavation of large lakes.

After we have carried out an intensive survey and had clearance from the relevant Water Authority we move in our heavy plant. While our excavators are digging the actual lake site we locate a local source of blue clay for lining the lake. This is usually by digging for it on site (up to 30' down), the required tonnage of clay is removed and the hole is back filled with spoil from the lake excavation.

Having lined the lake it is filled from a source identified by the Water Authority at a specified rate. The finished lake will have an overflow system installed to ensure that the lake will not exceed its maximum water level height. Any excess water being diverted back to the original source.

Finally the ground is 'engineered' to the specification required and the whole site is landscaped.



Lakes at: Bromham, Bitton, Bristol, & Braughton Gifford.

At Ayelle we own our 'Heavy Plant'!


Many Builders will contract out the groundwork as they have neither the equipment nor the expertise to carry out the work. At Ayelle we carry out our own surveying and groundwork which gives us total control of the project's initial stages, it also means that we are the first to know about any problems or issues that arise.